The Aluma Dream 6500 is a premium boat for relaxing on the water and traveling.



Case manufacturing type
Case type
The length of the hull is the greatest
6.04 m.
Overall length of the vessel
6.41 m.
The width of the hull is the largest
2.4 m.
Overall breadth of the vessel
2.4 m.
Sideboard midship
1.25 m.
Kilovost of the hull on the transom
19 degrees
The mass of the equipped case
800 kg.
600 kg.
Allowed number of people on board
6 people
Transom height
0.63 m.
Max allowable engine power
200 hp
Fuel tank capacity
200 l.
Case material
The thickness of the skin of the bottom and sides
4.0-4.0 mm.
Volume of buoyancy blocks
1.5 cubic meters
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